RSC Viajes Es Freus

Key principles of the corporate social responsibility policy of Viajes Es Freus

Viajes Es Freus has a responsibility as an organisation, both internally and externally, separate to its nature. The basis of this is people and the environment.

Based on this key principle, Viajes Es Freus is convinced and committed to the following criteria:

• Complying with legal and other requirements that affect the performance of the activity.
• Encouraging the correct management, both professionally and privately, of the natural resources of our employees, clients and suppliers.
• Promoting sustainable tourism among our clients.
• Contributing to our product generating the minimum environmental impact.
• Promoting local culture and being able to promote the same among our employees, clients and suppliers in order to promote them in their environment.
• Promoting training among our employees.
• Ensuring that treatment of staff is fair and respectful of both workers’ and human rights.
• Implementing the right to equal treatment and opportunities for women and men.
• Establishing and anticipating planning with flexible schedules that allow a work-life balance.
• Promoting responsible advertising, that is, advertising that complies with the principles of legality, truthfulness, honesty, commercial loyalty and dignity.
• Guaranteeing the security of information.
• Ensuring and guaranteeing professionalism for our clients, associating ourselves with public and private entities.
• Promoting collaborations with public and private entities among our clients, regardless of their nature.
• Analysing customer satisfaction, reviewing the objectives set, studying the management system and establishing actions to minimise non-conformities. All of the former actions serve to achieve continuous improvement, to meet the needs of the members of the organisation, our clients, and the environment in general.