Travel safely with your trusted travel agency

The Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies has created a decalogue to travel safely in these moments of uncertainty that we are going through, in which our way of traveling has changed. In this decalogue, ten advantages of safe travel with your trusted travel agency are highlighted.

From Viajes Es Freus, we want to detail these advantages so that you can take them into account when booking your next trip. Our main objective is that you continue enjoying your vacation and that you feel supported throughout your trip, whatever the reason for it.

Advantages of booking with your trusted travel agency:

  1. Professionalism and experience. By booking in your travel agency you always get the guarantee of hiring in an establishment duly constituted with your title and license. In addition to being in contact with professional agents who offer their advice and experience in the tourism sector.
  2. Greater protection. Booking in a travel agency offers protection before, during and after your trip. Remember that this protection disappears if you make reservations between individuals or when booking directly with suppliers. Whenever possible, organize your entire trip with an agency.
  3. Knowers of destiny. Travel agents know the destinations in detail and have extensive information on the different tourist services in the area, so they can adjust the trip to the needs of each client.
  4. Personalized attention. A specialized travel agent will always offer you more detailed and reliable information about the destination and conditions of your trip. It will bring added value to your experience adjusting all the options to your particular case, thus offering personalized attention.
  5. Permanent advice. Your trusted travel agency will provide you with constant information on changes in travel regulations or characteristics of the destination such as having a health passport, the obligation to pass a quarantine, the need for medical insurance or other documentation.
  6. Better contracting conditions. Hiring a combined trip that includes different services such as flights, accommodation, transfers or other complementary activities will be easier if you do it through a travel agency. In addition to having a wide network of official providers, it will provide you with greater coverage and protection against unforeseen and extraordinary cancellations, as has been the case with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  7. More agile management. With your trusted travel agency you will better plan the trip without leaving loose fringes, the procedures such as visas or travel insurance will be easier and you will adjust the budget to your needs.
  8. Guarantee and civil responsibility. Travel agencies provide pre-contractual information correctly and assume responsibility for possible contingencies by offering guarantees for the provision of services and for bankruptcy or insolvency.
  9. Coverage for unforeseen events. In situations such as the one experienced with the Covid-19, travel agencies offer assistance in case a repatriation is necessary.
  10. Representation. The CEAV brings together almost all of the Spanish associations of travel agencies, one of its main objectives is to defend the interests of travel agents and, therefore, also that of its clients. Booking at a partner travel agency is also a guarantee for the consumer.

We hope you will trust Viajes Es Freus again for your next trip. In this link we leave you the directory of our offices present in all the Balearic Islands so that you can contact the nearest one. Travel safely with your trusted travel agency.