The best plan to meet your friends.

viajar con amigos

We are all eager to be given the starting gun so that we can return to our usual routine, see our own and enjoy our leisure time where, how and when we want. Therefore, we want to propose the best plan to meet you with your friends. Now that we have time to organize and make a thousand plans, it is time to continue dreaming and not lose hope.

How would you like to get away for a weekend with your friends or family? Surely it seems like an excellent idea, you have to make up for lost time. But we don’t want you to do it in any way, it has to be a special and unforgettable reunion. We are going to propose a themed getaway in which you will have a great time. Check out these 4 options!


  1. Become a detective.

Propose to your friends or family to spend a weekend together in a rural hotel where you will become real detectives. You will have to work as a team to solve an enigmatic mystery for this, you will be provided with a series of tests and clues that you must follow: footprints, witnesses, interrogations, pieces of a puzzle distributed throughout the hotel that you will have to discover and fit in to reach the resolution of the mystery. Will you be able? (El Molino de Tresgrandas.)


  1. Horror weekend.

There are several hotels that offer terrifying weekends, an activity that is promoted on dates close to Halloween. All the staff of the hotel are in the garlic, from your arrival at the establishment you will enter history. Zombies, camping in a cemetery, madhouses, clowns that do not give laughter, ghosts, etc. Stories specially created to generate tons of laughter while you spend a few hours of terrifying shocks. (La Quinta de Melque.)


  1. A medieval escape.

Another option may be to move to medieval times, staying in an old manor. A rural house equipped with all the services to enjoy a luxurious stay in which you can also have fun with one of the most popular fashion games in recent times: a “scape room”. You must escape from the rooms specially set up and prepared for you to collaborate together and solve the puzzles and riddles that appear to you. (Señorío de Montero.)


  1. Special active tourism.

If your group is more given to outdoor activities or active tourism, you can also book a weekend where you can do activities such as paintball, hiking, quad biking, kayaking, etc. After so many days at home, many of us without being able to enjoy the countryside and nature, surely you want to organize a trip in a farm that offers you different activities to do. You will need to get rid of the nervousness of these weeks and clear yourself by doing fun exercises in good company. This proposal will surely convince you. (Casa Sueiro.)


We hope that you like our proposal and that you start thinking about the best plan to meet your friends after quarantine. #EverythingWillBeOk #KeepDreaming #StayHome


NOTE: Travel is currently only allowed for reasons of dire need because of the Covid-19. From Viajes Es Freus we want to continue offering information related to tourism and our travel culture so that in some way we can all continue to escape and dream of moving to all corners of the world. We take this opportunity to send a message of encouragement and hope to all. – – 971.30.80.69