This Christmas gives a personalized Travel Bonus

If you are preparing Christmas gifts, ask for our personalized Travel Gift Vouchers. Appreciate the efforts of your employees with a stay, congratulate Christmas to your family with a getaway, surprise your friends with a trip. Everything is possible in Viajes Es Freus!

Surely you are thinking of the gift of an invisible friend, the gifts of Santa Claus or the Magi. These dates always invite you to have a detail with someone you love, with someone who has been by your side at some delicate time or with someone who has surprised you and with whom you have shared a good moment of unexpected laughter.

Thinking about an original gift that you like and that the other person does not have is already complicated. That is why, in Viajes Es Freus we have thought of a gift that always, always triumphs. With a Travel Gift Voucher you will not go wrong. Who does not like to travel? Or just get out of the routine by escaping one or two days to a special hotel.

The range of possibilities is huge, you can give from a hotel night to a full trip full of experiences. It all depends on the type of gift you want and the budget you plan to invest. In Viajes Es Freus we will help you customize the Travel Gift Voucher in detail.

Come to one of our Es Freus Travel agencies and ask for personalized Travel Gift Vouchers. You can also send an e-mail to and make your inquiry. In this link we leave the office directory so you can get in touch with us in the simplest way.