5 romantic destinations to ask for marriage

If you are looking for a special and romantic trip with an unforgettable setting in which to ask your partner to marry, read on. We will detail five romantic destinations to ask for marriage with multiple options, any of them will be the perfect framework for your hand request. Promising yourself is not easy, the nerves for everything to turn out perfectly emerge but with any of these couple trips, success and “yes I want” are assured.

1.Turkey: in this destination you will find an infinity of hyper romantic possibilities to ask your partner’s hand. Plan a visit to Istanbul, a spectacular sunset with the Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia in the background will be perfect. Maybe visiting the Maiden’s Tower and being interested in its legends of lovers would also be a good idea. Or a tourist cruise on the Bosphorus with a romantic dinner included. Climbing the cable car to Pierre Loti, a request for a hand in the heights is always exciting. For height, a balloon ride through Cappadocia. That’s a strong bet! And from the heights to the subsoil, another very special place to ask for marriage is the Basilica Cistern, an impressive place with dim light that will create a very loving climate.

2.Iceland: Iceland’s star point is its northern lights, you can see them from September to April when the sky is clearer, a perfect place for this is the Reykjadalur Valley and its hot river. The nature of the Thorsmork Valley and its landscapes will be the special setting you are looking to promise. The Snaefellsnes glacier and the views towards Reykjavik or the Myvant lava fields and its hot springs are also great options to show your most romantic side.

3.London: Surely this destination has been one of the first to go through your mind when you think about where to take your partner on a trip to ask him to marry you. Undoubtedly, London has many special places to live this moment. We suggest you get on the London Eye and ask for marriage at the highest point. Visit the Whispering Gallery in St. Paul’s Cathedral or stroll through the botanical garden of Kew Gardens. You will also find other super romantic parks like the Sky Garden. A boat ride on Lake Serpentine or a Thames cruise including dinner for two. Do not forget the afternoon tea time, you will find many special places to have a snack and ask the big question.

4.Italy: If you think of Italy, many places with a special charm and history will come to mind. We name some of them so that you can prepare your trip as a couple. Begin by making a wish in the Trevi Fountain and admire all of Rome from the garden of the Orange Trees of Mount Aventine. Book a gondola ride through the canals of Venice and stop to be photographed at the Bridge of Sighs. Visit Juliet’s house in Verona and make your love eternal. Stroll at dusk on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and formalize your commitment.

5.Paris: The destination par excellence of lovers. Paris the city of love. We have little to illustrate about this city. The Eifel Tower (above, below, in the background …) The Sacred Heart, a cruise on the Seine in the “bateaux-mouches” day or night with romantic dinner included. The New Bridge (Pont Neuf), the Bridge of the Arts with all its locks reflecting the love of the couples who pass by there, the Wall of the “I love you” of Montmartre. Wherever it is, every corner of Paris gives off the smell of lovers.


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