Book your trip this Christmas

After the summer holidays and the return to the routine in September, you feel like a more special trip, something as a couple or maybe as a family. Christmas is coming! Book your trip this Christmas as soon as possible, they are very requested dates and it is a good idea to look at it in advance and detail.

In Viajes Es Freus we have Christmas travel offers of all kinds and you can travel from the beginning of December to the beginning of January. Little by little we will publish the options on our website and on our Facebook page. So follow us and do not hesitate to ask us if any offer interests you.

Among the wide range of options, trips to visit the “Christmas Markets” of different destinations such as Vienna, Prague, Brussels, including Krakow in Poland. You can also book the defendant “trip to Lapland” to visit Santa’s house and visit the reindeer and huskis farms.

You can also travel on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, we have trips with special gala dinners. Another option is to enjoy a special trip, visit a destination you have always wanted to go to, such as Iceland, a fantastic destination with these impressive northern lights.

What would you think of a cruise? We always have special offers to travel on Christmas cruises. You will visit several destinations in a single trip and you will have activities, dinners and a totally themed atmosphere for the time.

As you can see, the options are endless. In Viajes Es Freus we already have many of these offers available to book your trip this Christmas. Come to one of our physical travel agencies or send us an e-mail to Tell us what kind of trip you are looking for and we will inform you of the options. Don’t wait any longer, limited places!