Claims for flight delay or cancellation

Several strikes have been called in different airlines for the next few days. From Viajes Es Freus we expect flights to be operated as normally as possible, avoiding any inconvenience in our clients’ travel. Through our Facebook page we will inform you about the companies and the days on which the stoppages have been called. Follow us here!

In case of any unforeseen events related to these stoppages on any of the trips that you have contracted with Viajes Es Freus, we are always at your disposal to help you solve it. In case of delay, cancellation or other incident on your flight, do not hesitate to contact us. From Monday to Friday, contact your usual Travel Es Freus office. On Saturdays, you have at your disposal the following phones: 971308069/971308081.

Do you know what to do in case your flight is canceled?

– Contact your Es Freus Travel Agency to check the status of your flight and find a solution. If necessary, we will initiate relevant claims with the company.

– Save the invoices or tickets of the expenses caused by the cancellation. We recommend that you ask for an official invoice whenever possible in which the date and time of the service, your data and those of the provider appear.

– Save your boarding passes and communications via message or e-mail sent by the company.

– Remember that the reimbursement of the flight and the claim of expenses are not compatible. In case you request reimbursement, disable the option to claim expenses.

– In general terms, you can claim if your flight leaves with a delay greater than 3 hours, if it is canceled by notifying you less than 14 days in advance, if an overbooking occurs, if you lose your connection with another flight due to a delay of company or if you are not allowed to board. There are exceptions that can excuse the airlines, but all cases will be studied.

– IMPORTANT: at the time of booking your flight, provide a correct mobile phone number. There, the company will send you your flight information and inform you about the incidents (if any).If the days convened are modified or any of the strikes are called, pay attention to our Facebook page, we will inform you as soon as possible of the changes. We leave you the direct link here. Follow us!

Useful telephone numbers: