Questions before embarking on a plane trip

When facing a plane trip, there are some questions that are repeated almost systematically. That’s why we want to leave those questions in writing and give the answers in a simple way.

  1. Residence certificate. No, it is not necessary to print the resident certificate in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla. After all the turmoil that occurred when the measure was implemented and the updating of the websites of many municipalities that allowed these certificates to be printed online, today this travel document is no longer necessary.


  1. Size of hand luggage. Each company has its own regulations regarding the luggage that it allows in the cabin and warehouse. Generally, if your ticket includes checked baggage, you can carry a suitcase of about 22kg. As hand luggage, you can carry a suitcase or bag of about 12kg that does not exceed 115cm in height, length and width. But always check the specific regulations of your travel company.


  1. Liquids in carry-on luggage. The liquids, gels or pastes that we carry in the cabin must be packed in 100ml bottles, carrying a maximum of 1 liter (10 bottles of 100ml). These containers should fit in a transparent plastic bag of about 20x20cm and zipper or similar. The medication or baby food can be taken but must be taught separately and justified.


  1. You can eat on the plane. Moreover, it is advisable to bring a sandwich or snack that gives you energy to face the trip, especially if you are not used to traveling or if the trip is long. Fatigue, a drop in blood pressure or sugar … Avoid eating every few hours. Try to be small bites, simple things that do not stain or smell a lot. Check the regulations for flights outside the EU.


  1. On-line claims. In the event of a cancellation, delay or any other reason that has caused you harm during your trip, you can make your claim online through the website of the State Agency for Air Safety (AESA). In addition, you can track your claim through the same website. Here is the link.


If you have more questions or need help with some aspect of the trip, do not hesitate to contact our agents. They will help you to leave everything well organized to avoid unforeseen events. – – 971 30 80 69