Your honeymoon in New York

luna de miel en nueva york

If you are looking for a destination for your honeymoon, New York can be a great option. We are going to propose 10 romantic areas that you can visit during your honeymoon:

  1. Manhattan. Here you will find everything to visit: the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, museums, colorful neighborhoods … This is a good starting point for your trip, you can not stop visiting, which is more interesting.
  2. Brodway. Here is the show, the show, the theater … Inform yourself about the offer available on your travel dates and do not hesitate to leave a reserved show, you will surely enjoy it.
  3. Central Park. Impossible not to go through this immense park. Without a doubt, a newlyweds walk is a must in your honeymoon. Rent some bicycles and get a good picnic to spend the day in nature.
  4. Fifth Avenue. If you want to live between luxury and renowned brands even for a day, leave time to stroll along Fifth Avenue. Maybe it’s a special place to bring a memory of your honeymoon in New York, a jewel, a piece of clothing, any complement …
  5. The Statue of Liberty. This visit is somewhat complicated to make, it is important to book tickets to travel to the island well in advance, especially if you intend to climb up to the viewpoint. But at least you do not miss the photo with the Statue of Liberty in the background.
  6. Times Square. Famous for its big neon lights and for the mythical New Year’s Eve parties. This time you will not see it on TV, you will live it in the first person.
  7. Ground Zero. If there is a memory in everyone’s memory it is the date of S-11. Visit the place where the Twin Towers were erected and
  8. Coney Island. This is a picture that you have also seen on television an infinity of times. Beach, walk, people in swimsuits, beach bars, the ferris wheel and the roller coaster … Other the essential places for your honeymoon.
  9. Wall Street. You will enter the financial world, visit the Stock Exchange building, wrap yourself in the world of the broker and photograph yourself with the “great bronze bull”.
  10. Special views. Crossing the long Brooklyn Bridge, up the Empire State Bulding, sailing the East River … From any of these places you will discover spectacular views of New York.

No doubt there are many other places and many activities to do, this is only 10 strokes of what your honeymoon in New York can be. Leave your honeymoon in the hands of professionals, contact Viajes Es Freus and make your dream come true. – – 971308069