Your honeymoon in Maldives

One of the most requested trips by newly wed couples is to spend the honeymoon in Maldives. An exotic paradise, a special trip that many can only afford once in their lives, an experience to disconnect from the world and dedicate all the time to the couple. Here we tell you the essential details that you have to keep in mind to spend your honeymoon in the Maldives Islands.

I want to go to Maldives

Any time of the year is good for traveling to the Maldives as it enjoys summer temperatures throughout the year, around 31ºC during the day and 26ºC during the night. Water also maintains a fairly constant temperature throughout the year, between 27ºC and 29ºC.

The months of November to April are when the Maldives Islands have the greatest number of tourists, since the level of rainfall is very low. During the months of May to October these precipitations increase but they are usually intermittent, they last a short time and then you can enjoy the sun and the summer day again.

Interesting details

If you travel to the Maldives it is not essential to know languages, but if you defend yourself speaking English you will be easier to develop. As a method of payment you can use US dollars or credit card, although the official currency is the rupee. As for the schedule, remember that if you are in the Maldives you must add 4 hours to the Spanish schedule during the winter and 3 hours during the summer.

To get to Maldives you must take a flight from Spain to Malé and make one or two stops depending on whether you travel from the Peninsula or from any of the Balearic or Canary Islands. Once you have arrived in Malé you will have previously arranged in your travel agency or with your hotel a transfer to the island where you are going to stay. This transfer will be by boat or seaplane.


If you travel to the Maldives, you can not forget to put your swimsuits, good snorkel goggles, sunscreen and comfortable shoes in your suitcase. The beach look will be the most you will use during your vacation in the Maldives. Do not forget some more neat clothes for dinners and more special occasions, if you are going to spend your honeymoon in Maldives there will surely be more than one opportunity to use it.

The main activities you will do during your stay will be to admire the seabed, whether diving, snorkeling or fishing. You will sunbathe on the white sand of the beaches and visit several of the 1,190 islands that make up the Republic of Maldives. There are hotels that, in addition to their services within the establishment, also offer activities on the beach such as barbecues, jet ski rental or windsurfing boards, etc.

Book your trip

We recommend you to be informed by one of our travel agents in Viajes Es Freus. We usually have several offers available to travel to the Maldives. If you want to book your honeymoon in Maldives, we will also inform you about our “online wedding list” service, a simple way for your friends and family to collaborate with your honeymoon.