Virtual tour by the Costa Diadema cruise in Viajes Es Freus

Next week you have to come to one of our Viajes Es Freus travel agencies . We have a trip for you! You will not need a suitcase, you will not move from the site, you will not need to take extra vacation days. You are going to travel virtually simply with 3D glasses.

You will go to the interior of the Costa Diadema cruise, a cruise that allows you to travel through the Mediterranean Sea starting from Palma de Mallorca and visiting wonderful places like Cagliari, Rome, Savona or Marseille. You can go around the interior of this boat, know the facilities, the common areas, the cabins, everything as if you were really inside.

Come to any of our offices in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca or Menorca, you have the address of each of them in this link. Ask for the virtual tour inside the Costa Diadema and find out. It will be available from next Monday, April 29th until Friday, May 3rd. In addition, if you book your cruise before May 30th for an amount over € 800, we will apply a total discount of € 50 *.

It’s time for you to know firsthand what a cruise is. Come to Viajes Es Freus and request to do the virtual tour. Find out about all available offers and book! Do not stay without trying the experience. We are sure that you will repeat.

* Check the details of the promotion in Viajes Es Freus.