Book your honeymoon in Viajes Es Freus

lista de bodas viajes es freus

If you get married this year do not forget to leave your honeymoon booked. Among all the preparations that a wedding entails, leave some time to think about the journey of your dreams. That trip to make as a couple and that you have never allowed. It is time to do it.

In Viajes Es Freus we help you choose your honeymoon and we offer you a wide selection of offers: cruises, exotic trips, combined tours. In addition, now you can make your friends and family collaborate with your honeymoon.

We present our new service, the “On-line Wedding Lists“. How does it work? Very easy. Come to one of our travel agencies Viajes Es Freus, choose the honeymoon trip that you like the most. We will assign you a code to facilitate it to all your guests. They enter our website and with that code they access your trip. It only remains that they make the contribution they want.

What a great gift they can give you! A wonderful couple trip that you will have chosen to celebrate your marriage. We wait for you at Viajes Es Freus to start preparing your honeymoon. You can also inform you in the e-mail or by calling 971308069.