Tips for the Camino de Santiago

If this year you have proposed to make the Camino de Santiago, here we leave you some tips so that the stages of the road are more bearable.

1. Get up early. The sooner you start walking, the sooner you will reach your destination. If you stay in public shelters, they fill their places quite quickly so the sooner you get more options you will have. If you stay in private hotels and have a more planned route, you allow yourself to stop a little longer in one of the stages.

2. New socks and used footwear. If you are going to do the Camino during the hot season, we advise you to wear a trekking sandal; it will allow you to keep your feet subject and aired. If you choose the winter season, wear a breathable closed sports shoe. It is preferred not to be totally new footwear, it is important that you have already taken the shape of your foot. On the other hand, socks are a good idea to wear them new (either with sandals or sports), avoid chafing and being new will not have wrinkles or pellets that can create wounds.

3. Lighten the suitcase. Carry on only the essential, are not going to a luxury holiday in which you need two daily outfits. Choose clothes breathable and comfortable such as cotton. It will be even better if they are quick drying, so you can wash and use them the next day. You can also use shirts that you do not have much love and leave them in the hotel once dirty, so when more progress in the trip, less weight you will carry.

4. Plan. It is important that you look up for inform in a travel agency about the stages and distances you are going to travel, select a couple or three of hotels or hostels to stay in each area, check what to visit and where to eat each day. If you have a small forecast or something pre-booked, it will always guide you and you will not feel so lost.

5. Forget technology, friends and family. Each person goes on the Camino de Santiago with a different reason: to meet themselves again, to give thanks, to ask for help in some way, to rediscover their soul… It is a good idea to do it alone or accompanied by one or two people. This way you will have moments in which you can walk alone, think, and focus on yourselves and others in which to share the experience. In addition, during the Camino de Santiago you always meet new people, if you go alone you will always meet more people than if you go in a large group.

Now come to Viajes Es Freus and start planning your route. Ask for our offers and let yourself be advised by our agents.

Good way!