Honeymoon trips

In summer, the wedding season is at its best. The good weather, the long days and the multitude of possibilities to celebrate the outdoor event in an extraordinary atmosphere make many couples are encouraged to celebrate their great day at this time of year.

And what is a wedding without your honeymoon? Today we want to show you five options to do in your romantic trip as a couple:

1. For those who want to spend a few days of relax on the beach, sunbathing and all-inclusive so as not to have to think about anything, we recommend opting for a Caribbean destination or choose some paradisiacal islands that until now you have only seen in pictures.

2. For the most adventurous and those who are looking for an exotic trip, we propose a wild trip, maybe a safari or a trip in which you go into the most primitive cultures. There is nothing better to know a country than to experience it from within.

3. If you fancy something more cultural, a change of air tasting new flavours, discovering new smells and knowing other traditions, you can travel to some Asian destination and prepare a route to visit temples, sacred places and the oldest areas of each place.

4. If what you want is to escape the high temperatures, you can always choose a trip to a Nordic country for example, or maybe an authentic adventure spending your days in an igloo, or reserving the classic hotel of lovers in the mountains perfect for go skiing

5. If you bet on something more fun, something that transmits joy, energy and colour, book the trip to enjoy Venetian carnivals, or go on Route 66, even come to Las Vegas and get married again!

If you still do not have it clear or if you had thought about another type of trip, you can always contact us at comunicacion@esfreus.com or call us at 971 30 80 69. You can also visit our Es Freus travel agencies; you will find us in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca. We will be happy to help you organize your honeymoon.