Travelling with children

Travelling with children can be a real madness but if you organize a little and breathe a couple of times before embarking on the vacation trip, everything will be fine. Do you need any more advice? There we have!

1. Choose the destination well. Everything that is out of the routine and at home will be good but for children it may be too abrupt a change. Depending on the destination you choose, it may be that the excitement and excitement of going on vacation have them as a motorcycle the whole trip. If the destination does not like them or they do not understand very well where you are going, possibly the ” How long is it to get there?, I get bored, and where do you say we are going ?, I do not want to go …”

So, select a place where you all have the option to disconnect and do something interesting that you enjoy.

2. Plan the travel route, especially the outbound and return day. Everything depends on the age of your children but the following tricks adapted to each age can serve you: Reign the departure times and try not to coincide with the critical hours of sleep or hunger, they will tantrum assured. Buy some new or different toy or detail that the kids can discover and entertain for a while during the trip. Always carry some water and a snack or sandwich. Choose comfortable clothes, with which they can be up and down without anything tightening or bothering them, if they want to sleep they can do it, if they have to take off their shoes at security checkpoints that are quick to do so, etc.

3. Prepare activities and alternative routes for the trip. Try to do during the day some activity for adults and another for children, or at least alternating the days so that everyone can enjoy the holidays. You should have prepared alternative options in case the weather or any other circumstance prevents you from following the planning. If your children are older you can involve them and let them think about the destination and the places they want to visit. You can search for everything on the Internet, information, photos, videos, to see if they are interested in discovering in person everything they see on the screen.

4. The choice of hotel or accommodation is also important. Choose a place where you can all feel comfortable. For example, a hotel with spa and mini-club or swimming pool, so old and young will have something to do. Also, in an agrotourism or a rural house with farm, you can do excursions on horseback or quad. Or maybe you prefer a central hotel near a shopping centre, museums or areas of cultural interest. What about one further away from the city centre but nearby a theme park?

5. Transports. Depending on the chosen destination and the age of your child you will need to move one way or another: car, subway, bus. Think about it well, if they are small and you need to carry lots of things, it may be better for you to rent a car in which you can carry everything you need and move at your own pace. If they are older and can handle the hustle and bustle, public transport may be an easy and economical option. Remember to review the whole issue of safety regulations, chairs according to the weight and height of each child, etc.

If you have doubts and want to be calm and safe during the trip, we advise you to contact our travel agencies Es Freus. We will prepare the trip according to your needs and we will advise you according to our experience of more than 25 years selling trips.