Recommendations for your visit to Menorca

Menorca belongs to the Balearic Islands, is the island located to the north of the archipelago and the second largest in terms of land extension. If you want to visit Menorca, here are our recommendations for you to enjoy the most.

1. “Camí de cavalls”. There are different routes established for riding them on horseback. You do not have to be an expert rider or rider to perform them, just keep sitting on the horse and follow the instructions of the guides.

2. Fortification of Isabel II in La Mola. Reserve a full morning to visit as it is a large tour. Remember to bring water, hat and sunscreen. If you do not want to tire a lot you can also do the boogie ride.

3. Es Castell, if you are fond of military history, visit the Menorca military museum located in Villacarlos and book a visit to the fortification of Es Castell, which is currently demolished but still conserves the area in which to observe different elements of history.

4. The Lloc, if you travel with your family as a fun activity for your little ones, you can visit the Menorca Zoo where you will find exotic species from all over the world.

5. Walking through the towns and the most historic points of the island of Menorca is also a good plan. We recommend the Castell Santa Àgeda, the Cova des Coloms or climb the highest mountain on the island, El Toro from which the views fall in love.

6. Naveta des Tudóns. It is the most famous monument of Menorca and it is said that also of the Balearic Islands, it is a funerary element reminiscent of an inverted naveta. It is considered the oldest monument in Europe.

7. Water parks. In Menorca you can also enjoy a fun day of swimming pool and slides. There are different hotels that already have facilities for this or you can get close to some of the main water parks: Aquacenter, Splash or Aquarock among others.

8. Beaches. Visiting the island in summer and not enjoying the wonderful beaches is a crime. You will find the most virgin landscapes, the most uninhabited coves and the perfect seabed to delight you if you are fond of diving.

9. Food Do not miss the opportunity to eat a delicious lobster stew and relax while taking a “pomade”, are the pleasures offered by this spectacular island.

10. Shopping: You cannot leave Menorca without first buying a souvenir of your stay on the island. If you want alto altogether typical bets for some abarcas or menorquinas, the most traditional shoes of the place. If you prefer gastronomy, choose a good cheese, a bottle of local wine, or if you are one of the sweetest you can choose a traditional ensaimada.

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