Give travels

If you have a special commitment and want to give something that stands out, or if you have been chosen as the head of the group and you have to choose the perfect gift that represents everyone, you are in luck. Today we will help you with some simple ideas so you can be successful with your gift. All you have to do is choose the idea that best suits you, go to the nearest travel office and set up the complete plan: travel, hotels, transfers, car rentals, and tickets, whatever you need!

We go there with the travel selection to make a gift:

– Stay in a spa: anyone would like to spend a long weekend in a spa with hot springs. A few days of relax, away from the routine, from the conventional, thinking only on enjoying, taking care of yourself and having a good time. To be the perfect gift you can also book a treatment, a massage or ritual, a thematic dinner, even a special welcome detail in the room. The options are immense

– Rural stay: if you want to surprise with a more natural getaway, you can book a stay in an agrotourism or a rural house. Many of these lodges have horseback excursions, they have small farms where you can collaborate with the daily tasks of the animals, and others have a small spa with treatments or heated pool. This could be an excellent option.

– Original hotels: bet on a different getaway. How would you like to spend a few days in an igloo, in a transparent bubble, in a cabin or in a cabin in a tree? What about an experience doing bungee jumping, skydiving or driving an F1 car? Take a vacation at a thematic hotel or a trip where you can experience something that will only happen once in your life. With something like that they will remember you, of course!

– Cruises or package tours: you can also choose a full cruise, or a package of holidays that brings together everything: travel, accommodation, excursions, etc. A vacation at sea in a huge boat, with a variety of activities and visit beautiful places. Just worry about selecting the theme of the cruise well, there are many different ones. Everyone who has tried it recommends it.

What do you think about these options? If you liked them or if they can inspire you for your special present, we will be waiting for you at Viajes Es Freus for helping you to organize it. Do not complicate yourself!