Book your honeymoon at Viajes Es Freus

Do you know our honeymoons section? On our website you will find a special section with spectacular, romantic, special travel offers to make them as a couple and celebrate your union. If you are one of those who prefer to ride the trip to measure, do not hesitate to go through one of our […]


Our Viajes Es Freus Travel Agency in Menorca

Do you know our Menorca office? Viajes Es Freus is a travel agency with more than 25 years of experience in all types of travel and ticketing. We have travel agencies in all the Balearic Islands and today we want to introduce you to our travel office Es Freus in Menorca. Where is it located? […]


Book your honeymoon in Viajes Es Freus

lista de bodas viajes es freus

If you get married this year do not forget to leave your honeymoon booked. Among all the preparations that a wedding entails, leave some time to think about the journey of your dreams. That trip to make as a couple and that you have never allowed. It is time to do it. In Viajes Es […]